Yu Lin Eain

Raw Emotions

A raw emotion is strong and natural but not being controlled.This work is about the expression of the unfiltered human emotions, negative emotions and pure emotional energy.Expressing our true souls is beautiful and gorgeous in its own way and it's ok not to cover them up. Most of us face various emotions every day. Most of us are bottling up our feelings and keeping them by ourselves until they erode our well being. I want to present about practicing the awareness of those dark emotions and feelings as they arise and giving ourselves permission to feel them instead of running and hiding away from them.Focusing on yourself and expressing how you're feeling(acknowledging negative emotions) will minimize our own suffering. I wanted to express dark emotions such as sadness, depression, emptiness and fear in the art form/ aesthetic form by applying certain colors, creating my own materials and textures which I viewed as the objects for the presentation of dark and raw emotions.