ECC Ewha Campus Complex is a large-scale underground structure consisting of approximately 66,000 ㎡ in floor area and a total of 6 levels below the ground, designed by Dominique Perrault, the winner of the international competition by invitation for this project. This building is designed like a boulevar that starts from the entry point of Ewha Square and ends in front of Pfeiffer Hall.


The Medium Auditorium is over 130 years old and is the very beautiful and historical space in Ewha. It was also a venue for exchange with female pioneers from all over the world, not just in Korea.


One of the few traditional hanok structures on campus, Aryeong-dang was constructed in 1986 on the former site of the Home Management House, which was built in 1936 but destroyed in a fire in 1950 during the Korean War. Its name originates from Queen Aryeong of the ancient kingdom of Silla. (Constructed in 1986, Designed by Junglim Architecture)


Ewha History Museum was established in 1989 to continuously study the history of Ewha Womans University, Korea's first women's institution of higher education, and to organize, preserve, and utilize materials related to school history. It is a valuable opportunity to look back on Ewha's long history and tradition. We also plan and publish various publications on Ewha's history. 


DDP is a multi-cultural complex located at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station in Seoul, Korea. Since its foundation on March 21, 2014, DDP has staged diverse cultural events including exhibitions, fashion shows, product launch shows, forums, conferences and various cultural events. DDP is a venue that introduces new products and fashion trends, that shares knowledge through exhibitions, and that offers diverse contents to experience new design. Through these activities, DDP will be the hub of the design and fashion industry that will expand to Asia and the world.